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YouTube Merketing-Collect Form Bangladesh Youtube Marketers Group

Videos are moving away, it’s hard for new group members to find and watch. Videos will be in the Pinned post as a list from now on-
শুরু করার আগে জেনে নিন আমরা কিভাবে শুরু করেছিলাম, কি কি করতে হয়েছিলো, কিভাবে কিভাবে শুরু করা থেকে সফল হওয়া যায়ঃ
ATN news Young Nite program links-
Your Complete Beginner to Advance YouTube Marketing Course is as below:
Beginner Level:
1# How To Earn Money On YouTube [Details]
2# Simple Easy Way To Start Creating Video With No Skill
3# Uploading YouTube Videos To Your Channel
4# YouTube Profile Picture- Uploading Quickly to Your Channel and Google+
5# How to Create Playlist in YouTube+Free Unlimited Traffic Tricks
6# How to Enjoy Youtube 360 Videos
Intermediate Level:
1# Video Keyword Research Formula- White & Black Hat
2# Unlimited Free Video Content and Title Trick Game
3# YouTube Optimizing at Description- Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
4# Tags in YouTube Video- Simple Easy Playing Tricks & Bricks
5# Creating High PR BackLink for Your Videos and Channels- Recommended
6# Video Tags Stealing- Killer Chrome Extension
Advanced Level:
1# Mega Video Course- Make Money GUARANTEED
2# Any Sale Page Video Stealing- You Save $100 Each Time You Apply
Podcast 1- YouTube PlayBook
Mentioned link in the PodCast:
Podcast 2- YouTube Ranking Factors (On & Off Page)…/podcast-2-youtube-ranking-factors-…
Podcast-3| High Retention YouTube Views…/podcast-3-high-retention-youtube-v…
Podcast 4- A few common questions about Video Marketing…/podcast-4-a-few-common-questions-a…
Podcast 5-
Question Answer Session- 1 (Important for all)…/question-vs-answer-podcast-1
GuestPost List:
Rezaul Karim ‘s Case Study-
(GuestCast) Rezaul Karim’s Podcast in response to a group post:…/audio-recording-on-tuesday
Rules and Regulations You Don’t Want to Miss:
Anup Datta’s Case Study and Motivation for newcomers:
1.How To Rank Youtube Viral Video Easily : Step By Step Tutorial
2.How to optimize images for slide video